The continuous five-span structure (with three central arch spans) of the Kintaikyo Bridge is a structure which is rarely seen in the world, as it is the result of independently developed bridging technology. This structure is evidence of our predecessors' determination to build a bridge that could not be washed away. Even in today’s world, this technique is highly revered.

The structure of the Kintaikyo Bridge consists of five timberwork spans. The three central spans were built using an arch construction technique called “seri-mochi-shiki” in Japanese. The two end spans used an arched girder construction.

  Bridge span Bridge height
The 1st span 34.80m(Former 37.10m) 8.78m
The 2nd span 35.10m(Former 34.96m) 12.46m
The 3rd span 35.10m(Former 35.10m) 13.03m
The 4th span 35.10m(Former 35.61m) 12.90m
The 5th span 34.80m(Former 34.79m) 9.42m

Distance from the deepest point of the riverbed

Plan View

Side view

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